Inspirational yoga stories

Everyone agrees that yoga is the perfect way to relieve tension, calm down and feel even more alive. Indeed, several people saved yoga literally. This essay shares inspirational yoga stories showing how their yoga practice helps them cope and led them on their way to better health and a better future.

Russel Brand overcomes addiction

Russel Brand was once a legendary comedian for all the wrong reasons, including booze and drug use, in the press. Yet he is now absolutely clean and distinguishes himself for his sincerity and passion for yoga. He quickly revealed that he had moral difficulty drinking such toxic chemicals. He said that he was a devotee, but it was yoga that taught him the dissolution of his heart and mind. Yoga assures him that it seems that ‘A moment to moment union with God and he doesn’t feel sincerity anywhere has been discovered.’

However, he focused more and more on yoga and now he practices yoga regularly to connect himself with God and to stay clean in the life process.

Rebecca Berry’s curved spine is corrected

UK resident, a 29-year-old Rebecca Berry worried that without her debilitating operation she would never experience her life again. Rebecca used to dress three times her height because of the extreme bent spine and suffered from scoliosis in her neighbors. She chose to choose yoga instead of surgery. In 40 days, she returned to her usual back and felt highly assured that she was able to face the world and live her life to the fullest.

Maria Shriver turns her life around

Shriver’s mom had a rough time with cancer and her husband had left her. Maria was nearing grief between her father’s death. She feels disconnected from her body and mind while withdrawing from alcoholism and addiction. And then, a friend proposed that she join her in yoga lessons, which saved her life. Her yoga and consciousness, a new path through interactions with the body, are rejuvenated by life.

Yoga is an ancient tradition originating from the Sanskrit word “yuji” that means yoke or alliance (1Trusted Source). It involves breathing exercises, yoga and poses to help relieve and alleviate stress. It is said that practice yoga has multiple advantages both for mental and physical wellbeing, although research does not confirm any of these advantages.

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