How To Motivate Young People

To motivate young people to have positive outlook and become citizens you could be proud of in future, be a role model, be real, set clear goals, use solid rewards and have genuine interest in them.

You could also use books and movies for inspiration, ask what motivates them and then have full mastery of a subject. Let’s expand on these ideas.

Be Real

Motivate young people by being a genuine character. Be real. Respond to them with sincerity and genuine affection. Young people will respond to you better if they sense you are being genuine.

If you are real these young people know so don’t pretend to care when you don’t. Your charade would be discovered and you would lose your credibility and trust. Just behave naturally to gain their trust so you can influence them the way you wish. Being real, would motivate them to do your wish. Just be honest and transparent.

Books and Movies

Motivate young people to read books by giving them books adapted from movies to read. Make them watch popular movies produced from stories in books, to develop the reading culture. Inspire them to love reading, by watching films made from stories in books.

After watching a film, encourage them to find out where the story line for the film came from. Go further and place a small bet of $1 with them to find out whether the film’s story was modified for the screen production or not.

The bet would spur them on to finish the book early so they could discover the truth for themselves and of course win the wager. You could also make it impossible for them to lose by suggesting they finish the book on an agreed time span and get an extra dollar if they could do so before the agreed time.

This method keeps them enthusiastic about the book and develops their love for reading. This is highly motivating.

Role Model

Motivate young people by telling them an exciting story in which you featured prominently as a youth.

Explain how as a youth, your role model inspired you to pursue a specific goal which you chased and achieved. Demonstrate to them that if not for that role model’s positive influence on you, you would probably not be standing there teaching them, speaking to them or handling their affairs.

In the story, you were also vulnerable like them, sometimes confused, made mistakes and failed but learned from that failure and moved on to become a success.

Showing you have been through the situation they were facing, would give you the right to mentor them and give solutions to issues that plague them daily; such as failing exams, parental pressure, and peer pressure, low self-esteem and living without goals and dreams for the future.

Your story should create the required acceptance so they would believe in your ability, to solve their problems and choose to follow your leading. Use your story to motivate young people to believe that since you made it after all the difficulties, they could too.

Show Genuine Interest

Reach out to young people and show a keen interest in getting to know them. Acknowledging them is a good way of starting a conversation. Introduce yourself with a smile and ask for their names. Ask leading questions that would make them tell you about their lives and aspirations.

Allow them do most of the talking as they discuss what they care about so much “themselves”, while you listen with rapt attention by catching their eyes. As the discussion continues, call them by their names to build rapport.

Smile from time to time and interrupt the conversation by asking questions to get the exact meaning, they are conveying to you. This would also show them that you are listening with keen interest.

Express openly how much you enjoyed the conversation, and ask that you be given the honor to chat with them again, sometime in the future. Increase their sense of worth by requesting to meet them again.

Urging them to discuss what they care about, proves you accept them and are clearly different from other adults, who would not even allow them to speak or even show any interest in them.

Demonstrating genuine interest in their affairs and topic of discussion, would not only give you the information to make decent conversation, but motivate the young people to trust you and be more open to you.

Set Clear Goals

Where the purpose of a thing is unknown, abuse is inevitable. When executing a task with young people, set clear goals. Confusion is very de-motivating and creates self-esteem problems. So strive to understand yourselves.

Be on the same page so there are no confusions. Motivate young people by ensuring that every doubt about their role is completely erased by simplifying the goal, and the roles of both the adults and the young people concerned.

Give Solid Rewards

Motivate young people by setting a target and specifying the incentive for meeting the goal early, or meeting the predetermined time frame. Make the reward very visible to all the young people so they could aspire to reach it with enthusiasm.

Rewards like a new Computer game, Laptops, Phones, I-pads, Tablets, and other gadgets they could touch and feel proud to own at their young age, can motivate them.

Ask Them

Internet marketers, use this method when they want to create a product for their email list. They simply do a survey, by asking the users of the site what they would love to know more about.

Many times adults make the mistake of behaving as if they know it all. They assume they know the exact strategies for motivating young people. Most times it turns out they are wrong. Be sure of what really motivates adolescents by simply asking them to make suggestions.

Ask them about things that interest them and use it to create series of activities to motivate young people. It is only when you seek their inputs, that you could achieve the desired results.

Mastery of a Subject

Demonstrating mastery of a subject beyond the ordinary is highly motivating to young people. This strategy could work perfectly for teachers who wish to motivate their students to learn a hard subject.

You could create a massive buzz for a subject by showing young people, how much you know that subject. To increase the excitement about it, teach with great enthusiasm each time you are in front of them. Create a huge following by displaying wisdom and total understanding of the subject, that they would have no choice but to love it too.

Motivate young people to aspire to become better at a subject by being totally sold out about it. Make them see that you totally own that subject, by cheerfully displaying unusual intellectual brilliance.


Every adult should make it their business to motivate young people to learn amazing things, become leaders or follow a movement. Adults should inspire youngsters to give their best and become positive change agents in the world.

Since adolescents would become the leaders of tomorrow, to mentor and motivate them for success, becomes all the more crucial.