How to control a panic attack?

Attacks of panic are characterized by the unexpectedly extreme increases of tension, terror and panic. You will quickly notice them, since they are both physical and mental. Many individuals have trouble breathing, nervousness, sweating, accelerated heart beat, etc. during panic attacks. Events are often so intense that often patients feel chest pressure and feel like they are escaping the truth that leads them to mistake panic with heart attack. Panic attacks are abrupt and terrifying events that can benefit the individual. But you can control the panic attacks by following certain strategies. Let’s then seeĀ how to control a panic attack

Use deep breathing:

Panic episodes that increase the effects of panic attacks and increase the anxiety also are associated with hyperventilation. In contrast, deep breathing controls the symptoms of the attacks of panic and thus controls the attack of panic. You should breathe in fully, hold on and then breathe out for a couple of seconds. You can control hyperventilation and hence the effects of panic attacks by using this technology.

Accept your attack of panic

In our lives, psychology plays a major role. The way we think things happen to us. Recognize then still the panic you have suffered. You will thus discern it from your pulse and reassure yourself that it is temporary. Temporary things will not be long, they will soon be gone, and this will happen. This way of thinking will allow you to feel even less and will soon be gone. You should also rely on the deep breathing technology that can profoundly benefit you.

Close the eyes:

It is important to close your eyes when you experience the symptoms of panic attacks in order to control panic. Behind this is a science. When you are overwhelmed or in a fast pace environment, many stimuli are activated. The panic attacks increased as a result of these stimuli. Closing your eyes helps to block stimuli and deep breathing can be the focus. This way the panic attacks can be reduced and controlled.


Panic attacks are controlled by thoughtfulness meditation. Aware helps you feel that you’re in the real world. It also helps relax the nerves and muscles and reduces panic attack symptoms. Take a while and reflect on it. Concentrate on your breath and think you are in the real world.

Learn how to use positive statements of coping

If you feel nervous and panicky, “coping with statements” will help to remind you that fear is not risky and not negative.

Those declarations may be:

– Panic is just high anxiety

– I can prevent further symptoms by remembering these symptoms only as anxiety.

– Naturally, my fear and panic passes by. It’s never stopping

– I can carry on without escaping or avoiding

– I haven’t ever fainted, I never shocked, I never had a heart attack

Remembering these facts can help prevent further panic cycles.

For how control panic attacks, all these techniques are really helpful which one must try.